12.7x99mm NATO (.50 cal)
"FN® HMP400 LCC"
  • Minimi 5.56 Standard

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For decades, FN Herstal has designed and manufactured a broad range of axially mounted pod weapon systems for military helicopters and subsonic aircraft that feature the combat-proven .50 cal FN® M3P machine gun.

Pods are adapted and perfectly integrated onto the carrier system using the NATO standard 14" suspension mast.
FN Herstal not only supplies the weapon systems to customers: FN experts also supervise the integration of all FN products, offer operators training and provide high quality after-sales services to meet customer requirements.

Various configurations are available depending on the ammunition box capacity, and requirement for links or links/cases collector and/or guided and unguided 2.75’’ rocket launcher tubes. 


The FN® HMP400 LCC is a self-contained airborne weapon system that includes a .50 cal FN® M3P (1,100 RPM) combat-proven machine gun, 250-round ammunition box, firing actuator and cocking device in one casing, allowing outstanding performance in all environments.


  • Specially-Designed Machine Gun

    The .50 cal FN® M3P machine gun has been especifically designed by FN Herstal for airborne applications.
  • High Hit Probability

    A high rate of fire guarantees short time on target (1,025 +/- 75 RPM, per pod, adjustable)
  • Improved Accuracy and Safety

    The FN® M3P machine gun features a Flash Hider and is installed on a soft mount that absorbs most recoil forces for increased accuracy. 
  • Rapid Installation and Interoperability

    The FN® HMP400 LCC pod is adapted and perfectly integrated onto the carrier system using the NATO standard 14" mast.
  • High Ammo Capacity

    Each FN® HMP400 LCC can accept up to 400 rounds and features a links and cases collector.


  • Accurate suppressive and defensive fire against troops up to 3,000m
  • Suppressive fire against light armored vehicles up to 1,000m (.50 cal APEI round)
  • Ignition of fuel tanks and containers up to 2,500m (.50 cal APEI round)
  • Aerial threat suppression (.50 cal APEI round)

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FN pod featuring a 250-round ammo box and links and cases collector

FN pod featuring a 400-round ammo box and links collector

FN pod featuring a 250-round ammo box and three 2.75"rockets

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